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    The Root  The Core  The Heart of Reiki

    Level II Serve

    Instructor, Debra Collins, BS, LMBT NC#3900,

    NCBTMB Provider #414


    Course Description

    Reiki is a holistic system of healing that uses natural, universal life energy for the purpose of creating health, well-being and personal, spiritual growth.  In this three level system, the second degree of Reiki builds on the personal practice begun in Level I.  The students’ connection and understanding of the use of Reiki energy deepens.  This Reiki II class is taught in the tradition of Mikao Usui, of Japan, as westernized by Hawayo Takata of Hawaii.  A broader knowledge of its history, philosophy, ethical considerations and scope of practice are introduced to students at this level.  In classes that teach Reiki, an attunement process is performed for each person wishing to access the energy as a healing modality. It can then be used either as a stand-alone treatment technique or as an adjunct to massage or other bodywork.  The second level or degree of Reiki requires one attunement to expand the pathway in the chakra system created by the four attunements received in Reiki I.  Students receive their Level II initiation from the Master Level instructor during the Reiki class.

    Reiki Level II provides

    • A brief review of the seven chakras of the human body and how the function of each might influence physical, mental and/or emotional health. The energy of the chakras is also applied to acts of service at this level.
    • Review of traditional hand placements and a scanning technique for administering Reiki energy
    • Connection to three of the sacred Reiki symbols; their names/sounds (kotodama), drawings, meanings and uses
    • A guided meditation to connect with a personal Reiki guide to increase confidence, and perceptual abilities, and to “lock-in” the deep connection to this new level of awareness.
    • Application of the first two symbols learned in a guided exchange of Reiki.
    • Instruction in the use of the third sacred symbol to make transference of Reiki energy possible without touch, otherwise stated as “distance healing”
    • Controlled practicum for distance work to a recipient pre-determined by the instructor
    • De-briefing leading students to make observations, garner realizations and consider possibilities for future work using this symbol and its possible uses
    • Additional techniques for self-assessment, clearing and strengthening the energy field and grounding, including practices used in Dr. Usui’s clinic.
    • Studies documenting the use and efficacy of Reiki in medical settings, information about professional Reiki organizations and suggestions for advanced reading.
    • A safe and sacred learning environment.
    • A Reiki Master who is available to respond to questions, experiences or concerns