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    The Root  The Core  The Heart of Reiki

    Level I          Awaken

    Instructor, Debra Collins, BS, LMBT NC#3900,

    NCBTMB Provider #414


    Course Description

    Reiki is a holistic system of healing that uses natural, universal life energy for the purpose of creating health, well-being and growth. In this three level system, the first level is primarily a hands-on technique. This Reiki I class is taught in the tradition of Mikao Usui of Japan. Its history, philosophy, ethical considerations and scope of practice are taught to students at this level. By following steps taught by a trained Reiki Master/Teacher, anyone is able to direct the “light energy” of Reiki to meet individual needs of self and others.  In classes that teach Reiki, an attunement process is performed for each person wishing to access the energy as a healing modality. It can then be used either as a stand-alone treatment technique or as an adjunct to massage or other bodywork.  The first level of Reiki requires four attunements to fully open to the flow of the energy through the chakra system.  The students receive their attunements from the Master Level instructor during the Reiki class.

    This Reiki Level I course provides:

    • an introduction to the human energy system. Students will explore the traditional seven-chakra energy system of the human body through the auditory, visual, olfactory, and kinesthetic senses.
    • a method of self-care, and personal/spiritual growth an essential practice often neglected in our culture and especially by professional caregivers.
    • a path to empowerment and a way to honor another person; the true posture of service in the healing arts.
    • the traditional hand placements for self -treatment
    • techniques for grounding personal energy, positive affirmations for focus, and meditations for self-assessment
    • a system that can be used to assist others in maintaining, approaching or achieving physical, mental and emotional balance.
    • traditional hand placements and pacing ,giving a sound and practical structure to the process as individual style and intuition develops.
    • an energy scanning technique to locate areas wanting attention in a client’s body
    • a safe and sacred learning environment.
    • guidance by the instructor to begin to feel the subtle energy body with attention to individual differences in perception.
    • a brief yoga practice designed to ground the energy of each chakra of the participants as they prepare to leave the learning environment.
    • a Reiki Master who is available to respond to questions, experiences or concerns