From My Clients

I was very surprised how much I really enjoyed and learned from this class. Debra is the best teacher I have had in a very long time.  Loved it!

--Lisa, Wilmington, NC

Thank you is all that seems appropriate at this time.  I feel this is the beginning of a new and awesome journey for me.  With gratitude:

--Martha, Raleigh, NC

Very well presented and in a very serene environment.  One of the best CE courses I have experienced. Have been a massage therapist since 1988.

-- PS, Wilmington, NC

This course, experience and instructor not only allowed me to release and ground myself unlike anytime previously, but empowered and reassured me that my perceptions, intuition and degree of energy absorption is very relative and unique to each session and with each practitioner.  Thank You!

-- Kristi, Wilmington, NC

Debra is a gifted teacher!!!  She is clear, thoughtful, fun, and motivating.  I loved learning from her and look forward to studying more and learning more from her in the future.

-- Catherine, Wilmington, NC

Debra was an amazing teacher.  She created such an open, healing, trusting environment.  I would love to take another class from her.  She is a very wise, intuitive and powerful healer.  It was an honor to be in her class.

-- Mara, Wilmington, NC

Debra is a natural-born teacher with a passion for Reiki and skills to match!

-- Suzi, Wilmington, NC

I am so excited to apply everything I learned this weekend to my massage practice and day to day life.

-- Rachael, Wilmington

This experience is beyond words.  Debra did a wonderful job explaining, opening space and allowing the atunement to open and reiki to work its magic.

-- Amber, Wilmington

Besides being a gifted teacher in presenting material and supporting learning—the quality of materials and thoughtfulness in their presentation as well as content is superior!  Thank you!

Shannon, Hillsborough, NC

Absolutely fabulous teacher who presented the materials with an extraordinarily high level of knowledge and interaction with her students.

-- Diane, Wilmington, NC

Excellent!  So happy this was part of my journey!!!

-- Christina, Wilmington, NC

I will recommend this course to clients as well as colleagues.

-- Joy, Wilmington, NC

This is my 2nd time taking Reiki II, but w/a new instructor and new place. Excellent experience! The course material was well presented. The manner of instruction was suitable to all learning types.

-- Ginger, Hillsborough, NC

I so appreciate all the modalities you brought in (music, art, sacred space, stones). Your presence, cadence, manner of communication, and honoring of your students’ ideas and experience is greatly appreciated and is a gift to your students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your authenticity.

-- M. M., Boone, NC

Personal Growth & Healing

When you come to me for personal growth, healing and transformative work, I listen deeply so that you know you have been heard. Then, beginning exactly where you are, guide a process to help move you where you want to be.

Craniosacral therapy, hypnotherapy and Reiki , currently form the core of my work. These powerful practices, whether used singularly or in combination, are paired with the care and awareness of a seasoned practitioner. I meet each individual where he or she is in the present moment and then with the client leading the way, facilitate a process to restore physical comfort, balance emotional states and advance personal growth. In addition to Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, as a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT), I am trained to do lymphatic drainage and neuromuscular massage

My commitment to honor individual differences and to travel a path with each person seeking their highest potential is the thread that continues to weave the fabric of my current holistic practice. I have long known the value of a multidisciplinary approach to achieving results both in the classroom and treatment room. I combine the various modalities I practice to insure the best results for individuals seeking change and transformation in physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual states. I am also open to and excited by the prospect of combining my own special mix of healing modalities with the energy, talent and expertise of other holistic practitioners that may be assisting a client.

Over the years, my many clients have proven to be my greatest teachers and have led me to have success assisting them overcome a multitude of challenges and achieve desires including; fibromyalgia, unexplained headaches, rumination (negative thinking), grief and loss, TMJ pain, creative block, weight release, neck pain, back pain, hip pain, sciatic pain, tinnitus (ringing in ears), vertigo, fear and unhappiness in work place, procrastination, fear of flying, (and many others), nicotine addiction, sports performance, stress and relaxation, nail biting (and other habits), chronic unhappiness, connection with spirit guides, past life exploration, post head trauma, pre/post operative, self-confidence, acne, sinus, hand and shoulder pain, chronic uneasiness and worry, preconception/fertility…and the list goes on! It goes on because each person experiences life differently and fortunately holds the key to his or her own healing and growth!