I was very surprised how much I really enjoyed and learned from this class. Debra is the best teacher I have had in a very long time.  Loved it!

--Lisa, Wilmington, NC

Thank you is all that seems appropriate at this time.  I feel this is the beginning of a new and awesome journey for me.  With gratitude:

--Martha, Raleigh, NC

Very well presented and in a very serene environment.  One of the best CE courses I have experienced. Have been a massage therapist since 1988.

-- PS, Wilmington, NC

This course, experience and instructor not only allowed me to release and ground myself unlike anytime previously, but empowered and reassured me that my perceptions, intuition and degree of energy absorption is very relative and unique to each session and with each practitioner.  Thank You!

-- Kristi, Wilmington, NC

Debra is a gifted teacher!!!  She is clear, thoughtful, fun, and motivating.  I loved learning from her and look forward to studying more and learning more from her in the future.

-- Catherine, Wilmington, NC

Debra was an amazing teacher.  She created such an open, healing, trusting environment.  I would love to take another class from her.  She is a very wise, intuitive and powerful healer.  It was an honor to be in her class.

-- Mara, Wilmington, NC

Debra is a natural-born teacher with a passion for Reiki and skills to match!

-- Suzi, Wilmington, NC

I am so excited to apply everything I learned this weekend to my massage practice and day to day life.

-- Rachael, Wilmington

This experience is beyond words.  Debra did a wonderful job explaining, opening space and allowing the atunement to open and reiki to work its magic.

-- Amber, Wilmington

Besides being a gifted teacher in presenting material and supporting learning—the quality of materials and thoughtfulness in their presentation as well as content is superior!  Thank you!

Shannon, Hillsborough, NC

Absolutely fabulous teacher who presented the materials with an extraordinarily high level of knowledge and interaction with her students.

-- Diane, Wilmington, NC

Excellent!  So happy this was part of my journey!!!

-- Christina, Wilmington, NC

I will recommend this course to clients as well as colleagues.

-- Joy, Wilmington, NC

This is my 2nd time taking Reiki II, but w/a new instructor and new place. Excellent experience! The course material was well presented. The manner of instruction was suitable to all learning types.

-- Ginger, Hillsborough, NC

I so appreciate all the modalities you brought in (music, art, sacred space, stones). Your presence, cadence, manner of communication, and honoring of your students’ ideas and experience is greatly appreciated and is a gift to your students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your authenticity.

-- M. M., Boone, NC

Reiki Part III — Evolve

Reiki is a holistic system of healing that uses natural, universal life energy for the purpose of creating health, well-being and personal, spiritual growth.  In this three level system, the third degree of Reiki builds on the personal practice begun in Level I, and the more technical practice developed in Level II.

The students’ connection and understanding of the use of Reiki energy continues to evolve and deepen.  Reiki Level III – Evolve, is taught in the tradition of Mikao Usui, of Japan, as westernized by Hawayo Takata of Hawaii and as understood and practiced by various Reiki Masters who have shared their knowledge and experience in publication.  A deeper connection to Reiki’s history, origin and practice is developed as the Eastern philosophy of cultivation rather than more Western thought of attainment is emphasized.

In classes that teach Reiki, an attunement process is performed for each person wishing to access the energy as a healing modality. It can then be used either as a stand-alone treatment technique or as an adjunct to massage or other bodywork.  The third level or degree of Reiki requires one attunement to expand the pathway in the chakra system created by the four attunements received in Reiki I, and the single attunement received in Reiki II. The Level III initiation is performed by the Master Level instructor during the Reiki class.

In addition Reiki Level III provides

  • A brief review of the seven chakras of the human body, the function of each and the application to acts of service.  Expansion of the knowledge of the chakras includes the stage of development in which each forms and appropriate therapeutic healing practices for self-care or professional referral.
  • An opportunity for a complete Reiki treatment exchange incorporating all past learning and techniques.
  • Connection to the last of the traditional sacred Reiki symbols and to another master symbol added in the West; their names/sounds (kotodama), drawings, meanings and uses are learned
  • Introduction to the practice of self-initiation
  • Instruction for performing Level I re-attunements
  • Opportunity for a group past-life experience
  • Instruction for using the Microcosmic Orbit as meditation
  • Introduction of the Antahkarana as a visual meditation and healing tool
  • A chakra balancing technique using Reiki symbols
  • A broad representation of Reiki Masters and authors to encourage personal philosophical development and discernment
  • Connection for learners between personal growth and refinement and global growth and refinement
  • A safe and sacred learning environment.
  • Attention to individual learning styles

A Reiki Master who is available to respond to questions, experiences or concerns

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.

Reiki is Wisdom and Truth.
Hawayo Takata

It is the wish of Wakean Tanka, (The Creator), that the light enters the darkness that we may see not only with our two eyes, but the one eye which is of the heart and with which we see and know all that is true and good.
Black Elk